We are experts at delivering specialised security training. For two decades, we have been acting as security advisors and trainers to governments, rescue forces, police organisations and other public and private organisations around the world. As a result, our offer of training subjects is extremely wide, from maritime protection and counter-terrorism to public order and advanced medical training. We can cover all theoretical, methodological and operational topics to meet your particular training needs.

At SkyBridge, we understand that each country and organisation has its unique environment and particular needs - there is no universal solution. For this reason, our specialised courses are fully tailored to our clients' requirements, making them comprehensive, effective and cost saving. Together, we can analyse your needs to create a bespoke training solution for your time and budget.

Our instructors are all former and current UK Special Forces, police and senior paramedic personnel with extensive combat track records, international operational teaching and experience.

Specialised Advanced Security Training Providers

  • High quality without unnecessary financial expenditure - you pay only for the training you need
  • We offer only what is needed, not a fixed package which a donor country considers useful
  • As a private company, we are less concerned about sensitive issues (unlike training provided by foreign governments)
  • You are not obligated to purchase equipment through us
Specialised Advanced Security Training

Protection and Security training

  • Close protection, including design & delivery of bespoke courses in support of local, overseas or 'area specific' operations
  • Close protection etiquette, including special requirements of VIPs and high ranking guests
  • Protection driver training - anti-hijack, VIP chauffeur skills and maintenance SOPs
  • Security driver awareness skills
  • Anti ambush drills, vehicle & foot
  • VIP motorcycle escort
  • Specialist firearms and advanced shooting techniques
  • Surveillance & counter surveillance
  • Residential and venue security
  • Intelligence gathering and counter reconnaissance
  • Vulnerability identification and standard operating procedures
  • Integrated security systems, from buildings and hotels to airports, ports, large venues, etc.
  • Search awareness & IED identification
  • Communication systems

Specialist Security Skills training

  • Security planning
  • Risk and threat assessment & analysis
  • Crisis and threat management
  • Emergency management
  • Emergency evacuation & contingency planning and SOPs, including explosive threats
  • Security for airports/marine ports, pipelines, etc.
  • Crowd management and control
  • Hostage negotiation & rescue, including techniques for various sites (buildings, vessels, aircraft, etc.)
  • Counter-terrorist training for specialist units
  • Hostile environment & austere survival

General Policing Skills training

  • Public order, including officer safety, taser, baton gun & riot control
  • Mounted section (horses), including public order and patrolling
  • Canine operations, including patrol, attack, drugs & explosives
  • Community policing

Medical skills training

  • Pre-hospital care
  • Advanced life support & trauma
  • Hostile environment, including search & rescue
  • Austere environment
  • Emergency vehicle driving & maintenance
  • Disaster management
  • VIP protection

Military Skills training

  • Infantry tactics up to battalion capabilities
  • Peacekeeping role (UN deployments)
  • Sniper
  • Close target recce
  • Specialist weapons systems
  • Communications
  • Military policingv
  • Close Quarter Battle (CQB)
  • All aspects of SF training
Specialised Advanced Security Training

SP team

  • Covert option
  • Orders pre- and post-assault procedure
  • MOE
  • Unarmed combat
  • SP team build-up
  • Team communications
  • Weapons training

SP options pre-event

  • Sequence of events
  • The holding area
  • E.R. plan
  • Options lecture

Options and assault training

  • Open air option
  • Sniper open air option
  • Vehicle option
  • Aircraft option
  • Aircraft assault using explosive
  • Train assault
  • High rise building assault
  • Lifts in high rise
  • Exterior of buildings
  • High rise assault tactics
  • Stronghold clearance
  • Multi room / floor clearance
  • Basic room combat
  • Room combat

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our course instructors.

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