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Our team at SkyBridge possess a vast amount of experience of high profile, often dangerous, operations across the globe. Our skills can be utilised for your security needs; however big or small, whether public or private.

Leonard Cohen concert in Tel Aviv, Israel, 2009 - Skybridge Security Case Studies

We managed the security of the musician Leonard Cohen during his 2009 concert in Israel. He was already receiving death threats over his concert in Israel when he decided to increase the risk to his personal security by performing in Ramallah for a Palestinian audience. It was an unprecedented request for an artist of his stature, requiring extensive local negotiations and arrangements. Due to a change in the political situation, the concert did not happen, however, all arrangements were successfully put into place.

Sir Paul McCartney's visit to the West Bank, 2008 - Skybridge Security Case Studies

As the first major artist to perform in Israel to an audience of 50,000 people after almost ten years of cultural blockade, Sir Paul McCartney received death threats and significant media attention. In addition, a surprise visit to Edward Said National Conservatory of Music in Ramallah, the West Bank, was planned. We were contracted to oversee the visit, which required intelligence sourcing for three months, personal meetings with Palestinian government and coordinating operations with security agencies and embassies. Information was leaked to the local press upon arrival at the checkpoint to Palestine, causing large protests in Ramallah. Under immense time pressure, the trip itinerary was instantly revised and successfully redirected to the Bethlehem branch of the Conservatory.

International paedophilia investigation, 2001 - Skybridge Security Case Studies

Employed by the International Humanitarian Campaign Against the Exploitation of Children (IHCAEC) and the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (ICMEC), we led an emotionally-harrowing and arduous investigation into the abuse, paedophilia and trafficking of children from Bosnia and Croatia to the UK and US. The investigation - receiving much media attention - implicated Roman Catholic clergy. It resulted in the 2002 resignation of the American Cardinal Bernard Francis Law, followed by a series of lawsuits and criminal prosecutions against priests in the UK and US.

Release of vessel held hostage in Nigeria, 1999 - Skybridge Security Case Studies

We were approached to rescue M/V Dubai Valour and its Ukrainian crewmen held hostage in Nigeria for two years by Chief Humphrey Idisi of Sapele. An agreement on the terms of its release was made and our team boarded. After entering neutral waters, a further attack by the Chief's militia was successfully prevented and the vessel retrieved. The incident became a highly referred case documented by the International Maritime Bureau.

Lear Jet retrieval from Congo, 1997 - Skybridge Security Case Studies

We were approached by Lloyd's of London to retrieve an executive Lear Jet under South African ownership impounded during the uprising from the Republic of Congo. Putting together a negotiation team, we led the negotiations in Kinshasa first with a Presidential aide and then directly with President Kabila. The aircraft was successfully released.

Security for Ritz Carlton, the Hilton and the Gulf Hotel in Bahrain, 1995 - Skybridge Security Case Studies

Following damage to the Royal Meridien (now Ritz-Carlton) Hotel in Bahrain by an explosive device, our company director Christopher Newman was asked to review security measures at the Gulf Hotel, the Royal Meridien and the Hilton. By recruiting and training new teams, replacing existing procedures, changing access control, vehicle control and guest checks (an especially challenging task in the Middle Eastern environment), he achieved a level of security unprecedented at that time.

Bahrain Defence Force training, 1992-1995 - Skybridge Security Case Studies

Our company director Christopher Newman trained a large number of specialised operatives for the Bahrain Defence Force, developing a structured programme for the Army and the Navy and close protection training for the Headquarters Security Department. It incorporated all Special Forces training, including: surveillance, hostage release, counter terrorism, building/aircraft/ship assaults, maritime anti-piracy, ships alongside, helicopter operations, advanced medical training, and explosive training.

Christopher increased training hours more than threefold by introducing a fundamentally different work schedule from 6.30 pm until 6.30 am - over 50 hours weekly. Initially encountering severe opposition, he soon won support at all levels as this schedule allowed the soldiers to have a 4-day weekend, significantly improving their morale as well as their family and social life - an important national value. This high level of night training significantly reduced military fatalities during the domestic disturbances of 1993-94.

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