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Security planning and assessment is essential for anything worth protecting. Although all companies and individuals vary in regional and strategic location, political developments, industry sectors, size and many other factors, all will be vulnerable to a number of different risks. This is why correct threat and risk assessments and an individually designed security plan will ultimately save you money.

Sourcing Intelligence - Security Planning And Assessment

The starting point of any security plan is gathering intelligence - which we are capable of doing through our extensive global channels - and conducting risk assessments and threat assessments.

Making Threat And Risk Assessments - Security Planning And Assessment

By evaluating any potential threats a company or an individual are likely to experience through their personal history, family relationships, political, religious or other involvements, business deals and connections or other factors, we can fully understand and measure future risk.

We analyse any potential risk factors, both those that occur independently, and any weaknesses that can be exploited by a threat. Such risks might include: natural hazards (floods, earthquakes, etc.), crime, terrorism, espionage, information loss, and hazards of location (high-risk neighbours, railway lines, gas storage, unsecured public car park, etc.).

Developing security plans - Security Planning And Assessment

The next step is the development of a security plan, produced to correspond directly to the actual safely level required. Some cases will require high-tech equipment and automatic operation, while others may be more in need of personnel and guard force. Many will incorporate both.

One of our security plans would typically include details of

  • Physical protection of buildings, employees, etc.
  • Integrated security systems for external and internal premises
  • Information security
  • Crisis & emergency standing procedures
  • Search plans (explosives etc.)
  • Evacuation procedures and procedures for premises' security in the event of evacuation
  • Staff security awareness and other training schemes

Please contact our company director Christopher Newman to discuss your case personally and in the fullest confidence.

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