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We can supply and train UK-trained paramedic and advanced medic teams for medical staffing anywhere in the world. All our personnel are officially qualified, highly experienced and equipped to attend any situation, including:

  • Major events and public gatherings
  • Operations in hostile environments
  • Disaster and emergency management
  • Medical support for countries without paramedic presence

Paramedics (pre-hospital care professionals) are vital to the UK's public safety system, crewing ambulances, helicopters, fast-response vehicles and motorcycles. Advanced medics are crucial for any military unit, particularly in hostile environments where the medic is often the only source for an immediate treatment. Advanced Special Forces medics are often trained to the same level as paramedics.

Among other skills, paramedics and advanced medics are trained to:

  • Diagnose emergency treatment to patients with life-threatening conditions
  • Administer 'invasive' clinical techniques, such as intravenous injections and intubation
  • Insert drips and fluids and to use equipment, including ventilators, to assist breathing
  • Apply splints to limbs, dressing wounds, and issue pain relief
  • Drive and crew the ambulance or other rapid response vehicle

Please get in touch to discuss your needs and we will create a bespoke solution tailored to your requirements and budget.

Information for foreign organisations and governments

At SkyBridge, we are uniquely placed to create bespoke programmes for training emergency response teams for private and state medical services (ambulances, hospitals, health centres, etc.) worldwide. Robert Dobson, head of our medical division, is a founding member of the UK National Paramedic course, training London's first 180 paramedics. We can assist you to:

  • Set up a national paramedic system for integration into existing health systems
  • Set up national training centres and courses, including university courses
  • Train crews to handle emergency helicopters, ambulances, fast response vehicles and motorcycles
  • Develop procedures for the daily running of a pre-hospital care system
  • Developing universal procedures for major incident planning and response duties
  • Set up communication centres and communication equipment on vehicles
  • Equip fast response vehicles with life-saving equipment, plan strategic positioning

Please contact us to discuss creating a bespoke training programme for your needs.

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