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Broadcast, print media staff and investigative journalists travel to some of the world's most dangerous locations. Protection of journalists working in high-risk environments is a matter not only of personal but of national importance. Media professionals face threats ranging from the hazards of working in developing countries and disaster environments to war, terrorism and kidnap.

Our former Special Forces personnel have operated in jungle, desert, mountain and Arctic environments over prolonged periods. They have every imaginable qualification and the personal qualities needed to make your journey safe and successful.

SkyBridge's in-house team also comprises former and serving senior police and intelligence officers. We have unprecedented personal connections at the highest levels of the police and security services, as well as links to a worldwide diplomatic network. We have operated in Latin America, Israel, the West Bank, Russia (including remote locations), former Russian States, the Far East, India, and most African countries.

We can arrange pre-emptive reconnaissance trips for high-risk locations, utilising valuable local knowledge. As a rule, we use intelligence gathering, precisely calculated forward planning, risk and threat assessments to develop a sound security plan. Our approach protects both crew and equipment, and cuts costs by minimising the time that security forces need to spend on location.

Media Support in High Risk Environments

  • Pre-deployment training and operational support
  • Detailed security, evacuation and emergency planning for hostile environments
  • Local information and intelligence gathering
  • Liaison with local authorities for filming permits and other sensitive issues
  • Local guides and security personnel
  • Full medical support
  • Armed and unarmed close protection teams
  • Security equipment and vehicles at destination
  • Set security
  • 24/7 support on the trip
  • Advice on the accuracy and credibility of local military/security/police operations

Please contact our company director Christopher Newman to discuss your case personally and in the fullest confidence.

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