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In its maritime security operations, SkyBridge works closely with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and follows the regulations of the International Ship and Port Facilities Security Code (ISPS). Past projects include the successful rescue of a vessel held hostage in Nigerian waters.

We draw our maritime consultants from diverse fields and have exceptional contacts in the maritime industry around the world. We can support your needs across the following aspects of maritime security:

Ship Security Audit - Maritime Security

We are able to carry out full, detailed checks of your vessel in a single day aboard. We can audit your security procedures, make recommendations and then continue to work with you to resolve any gaps in security. Our staff can create emergency drills and exercises, and then deliver this training to your crew and security staff.

Port Security Audit - Maritime Security

We can conduct extensive audits of private and public ports, as well as train staff and security personnel on security procedures. We can also deliver and oversee training drills and exercises. The time of our engagement will vary depending on the port size and the existing level of preparedness.

Anti Piracy Protection and Training - Maritime Security

A huge surge in attacks has confirmed that maritime piracy is an acute and increasing threat both to cargo vessels and private yachts. In summer 2010, it was estimated that pirates held more than 20 foreign ships and around 400 crew.

Vessels cannot solely rely upon military protection and self-preservation is essential to survival. Professional ship hardening and a well-trained security team onboard are the only means to deliver adequate protection.

Our team members have vast operational experience protecting vessels of various sizes and are certified in STCW 95 basic training. With military backgrounds, all have undergone intensive anti-piracy training. We are able to deploy our teams at short notice.

Please contact our company director Christopher Newman to discuss your case personally and in the fullest confidence.

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