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SkyBridge provides crisis and emergency management plans for all sizes of organisation. Any crisis or emergency such as fire, terrorism, natural disasters or kidnapping threatens the stability of a business, and can disrupt operations indefinitely.

In the present climate, the likelihood of an unexpected event causing a company crisis has, unfortunately, become an everyday reality, but it is estimated that less than 30% of companies worldwide possess suitable contingency and recovery plans.

Well-planned and rehearsed emergency response programmes are the only means to reduce losses and keep a company operational and productive. Crises come in many forms and their effects upon an organisation vary massively. Each business needs its own recovery plan and we will work with your team to prevent further escalation of current and future emergencies, developing:

  • Alternative immediate responses to the crisis
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Creation of crisis management team
  • Customised emergency plans which define roles and responsibilities
  • Procedures to activate emergency contact lines for employees
  • Means of salvaging valuable equipment and documents
  • Security cover at incident and recovery sites
  • Means of assistance for any injured employees and their families, including provision of psychological support
  • Staff training in procedures for future emergencies

Please contact our company director Christopher Newman to discuss your case personally and in the fullest confidence.

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