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  • Cost: £400
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Qualification: SkyBridge Security Certificate

Additional info: This course provides basic knowledge essential for travelling in hostile environments in a concise form. It is aimed at corporate executives, gap year students, high net worth individuals conducting business in hazardous locations and anyone keen to acquire critical skills in a space of one day.

Info for organisations: Our courses can be individually tailored according to the destination and operational needs of your organisation. Please contact us for more information.

Personal and Travel Security Awareness

When travelling to hostile environments, many risks can be minimised through enhanced personal security awareness. This course is designed to prepare individuals for travel in hostile or hazardous environments. It will provide delegates with basic skills needed to identify and counteract potential threats of hostile and volatile environments.

Our interactive courses are designed and instructed by former UK Special Forces, police and rescue teams personnel who have operated across the globe for many decades. Our aim is to give you first-hand advice on keeping safe.

Personal and Travel Security Awareness


  • Cultural awareness
  • Situational awareness in hostile environments
  • Conflict management/resolution

Basic knowledge and skills for hostile environments:

  • Planning for deployment to volatile and hostile countries
  • Personal security and safety
  • Residential selection and security (hotels, offices, rental accommodation)
  • Vehicle selection and preparation
  • Communications
  • Medical packs, health and advanced first aid (including defibrillation and oxygen therapy)

Advanced and survival skills:

  • Emergency equipment
  • K&R (Kidnap and Ransom) hostage survival – interactive study incorporating lectures, case studies, and role play

Our aim is for you to achieve such a high level of personal security awareness that it will become your guardian wherever you go.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our course instructors.

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